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dying_to_forget's Journal

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a cutthroat kiss, a perfect kiss, acoustic music, addictions, after forever, against me!, alternative, animal prints, animals, armor for sleep, art, artistic statements, as i lay dying, avenged sevenfold, bands, basses, bassists, black, black eyeliner, blue, blue october, bondage, bondage pants, chuck taylors, clash, clit 45, clothes, colors, converse allstars, cure, decorating, drawing, drummers, drums, ear piercings, ear rings, emo, emocore, european culture, exploited, expression, fohawks, from autumn to ashses, funeral for a friend, gauging, green, green day, guitarists, guitars, hair dos, happiness, individuality, labret piercings, lacuna coil, latex, led zeppelin, leopard, leopard print, liberty spikes, lip piercings, metalcore, mohawks, music, my ruin, mystery, naval piercings, needles, neurotic behavior, nofx, nose piecings, nose rings, obsessions, oi, otep, painting, partying, pennywise, piercings, polka dots, pretty eyes, pretty girls make graves, punk, purple, ramones, reading, red, rings, rise against, rock, shoes, silver, sleeping, sparkly things, spikes, star tattoos, starry nights, stars, stiff little fingers, streaking, street punk, studs, stuffed animals, t.s eliot, tattoos, the beatles, the casualties, the cockney rejects, the contingency plan, the devotchkas, the eyeliners, the havoc, the misfits, the missing, the promise ring, the smashing pumpkins, tiger print, tigers, tribal tattoos, tsunami bomb, uniqueness, vertical piercings, veruca salt, vocalists, wild fun, writing music, zebra print, zebras